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Costa Rica
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Making of Traditional Costa Rica Pottery from Guaitil

Guaitil is a community of true authenticity preserving history and time throughout the years, there are no replicas or facades here, just ingenuity and...

The birth of the Pan-American Highway in Costa Rica

I've always believed that the direction of my life was set by the birth of the Pan-American Highway (a.k.a. Inter-American Highway).

Halloween in Costa Rica: The When, Where and How Masquerade day is Celebrated

In anticipation of Halloween Day, people all over the world dream of scary or comical elaborated costumes. Halloween is a festival celebrated in the...

Who was the revolutionary leader William Walker?

When one mentions Nashville, Tennessee, country music stars might first come to mind as I am sure one’s first thought isn’t of a U.S....

Life in Juan Santamaría’s Costa Rica: A look back

As the country celebrates Juan Santamaría Day, columnist Mitzi Stark takes a look at the Costa Rica of 1856.

Who Was Costa Rica’s National Hero Juan Santamaria?

Juan Santamaria is a household name in Costa Rica. He is considered a national hero and his legacy still stands strong well over a...

Minor Keith and the History of Costa Rica’s Train to Limon

In 1848 Minor Cooper Keith was born in Brooklyn New York, fathered by a successful lumber merchant while his mother's side had ties to...

Who Really Was The Costa Rica writer Carlos Luis Fallas?

A quick Google search will reveal that Carlos Luis Fallas “Costa Rican author and communist political activist.” Now, this isn’t exactly wrong. But neither...

Costa Rica’s national symbols

With Costa Rica's bicentennial just around the corner, it's a great time to learn the country's national symbols. The national symbols of Costa Rica represent...

Giving the traditional drink of Costa Rica, guaro, a second sip

At a time when a booming craft beer scene has made Costa Rica a regional leader in artisanal brewing, is guaro poised to be Tiquicia’s next big drink trend?
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